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Resources for 家长及家庭

Parents and family members play an important role in our community at Loyola University New Orleans—you're part of the Wolf Pack, too! We want to make sure you have the information and resources you need to support your student.


狼群的父母 is a monthly email newsletter featuring a roundup of the most important information and updates from across the university. We share timely information about tutoring and career resources, ways your student can get involved, and anything else you need to help your student be successful. 

Parents of Pack is a resource for anyone who provides an essential support system for Loyola students—parents, 其他家庭成员, guardians, and more. Any other members of your household who wish to be added to this mailing list can 订阅这. If you have any questions, please reach out to


May 2024

Topics: Recap from 2024年毕业典礼! 


April 2024

Topics: 职业服务, Commencement, 高级送别, 夏季/秋季注册, TRIO Student Support Services, FAFSA, 给诺拉一天, 洛约拉忠诚日.


March 2024

Topics: 洛约拉忠诚日, 暑期班, Summer Support from 职业发展, 开始计划, Senior Salute for the Class of 2024, 校外房展, 得分手的橱柜, FAFSA提醒, & more. 


February 2024

Topics: FAFSA更新,Commencement and Grad Fair information, Class Rings, 出租风格, Career Expo, 洛约拉忠诚日, 出国留学常见问题, 搬家准备, Five Things to Know Newsletter, Booster Club, 四旬斋的撤退, 觉醒撤退, 得分手的橱柜. 


January 2024 

Topics: FAFSA更新, Commencement and Grad Fair information, 家庭周末, 2024年暑期留学, TRIO Student Support Services, 校友参与, Internship Intensive Program, student spotlight on Emma Grace Condon, 确认类, 和体育更新. 



Topics: 注册资源, FAFSA提醒, 同侪教导, J-Term 2024, 照亮洛约拉, 2024年毕业典礼, Sneaux, 狼群运动, Ignatian感激, 降临节花环, student spotlight on Victoria Sosa. 


October 2023

Topics: FAFSA的变化, TRIO Student Support Services, 就业中心资源, 照亮洛约拉: give to the Loyola Fund, 出国留学机会, 营养支持, 流感疫苗展览会, El Día de Muertos, 忙人静修.



Topics: 成功中心资源, 狼群运动 Golf Tournament, 《MG游戏官方网站》杂志2023年夏季版, walking pilgrimage of Camino Ignaciano for J-Term, contact info for Student Finance, 为狼群加油, 灵性的机会, student spotlight on Paola Ameglio.


August 2023

Topics: Welcome from President Cole, Proxy Access vs. 唱片发行vs. 授权用户, j .学期出国留学选择, 新校友会, spiritual opportunities on campus, student spotlight on Makayla Hawkins, highlights from move in and Wolf Pack Welcome.


Campus Lawn


July 1, 2024

Second 暑期班 courses begin. 








Last day to drop classes and receive 100% refund. 


Deadline to waive Loyola's health insurance coverage.


In order to provide your student with the maximum financial support, they need to fill out the FAFSA 尽快. Send your FAFSA to Loyola by using our Federal School Code: 002016. Don't forget that we will be sending out financial aid packages a little later than usual this year due to changes to the 2024-25 FAFSA affecting all colleges and universities. Loyola’s Office of 金融援助 is here to support you. Please reach out to our office by calling 504-865-3231, emailing us at, or 安排约会.


Need access to your student’s information?

In keeping with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a parent or guardian must be explicitly authorized by their student to receive access to information such as: 

  • 教育记录
  • 注册状态
  • 课程表
  • 食宿
  • 金融援助
  • 的付款信息

There are a few different ways your student can give you access. Learn more in the links below. 

Instructions for Guardian Proxy Access

Instructions for 学生记录 Release

Instructions to Set up an 授权用户


News and announcements from across the university.
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